IT Security is probably one of the most overlooked issues in the world, as everyone takes it for granted. We do not expect you as the client to fully understand the threats, but one should realise that insecure networks can lead to vastly reduced performance and vastly increase all manner of risks that can very negatively influence your business.

Teqcle Information Technologies implement a broad range of tools and applications to improve the IT security in your company. There are two sides that we concentrate on when securing your company, namely infrastructure security and policy creation and enforcement. Good security requires both of these to be present and up-to-date.

Vulnerability scanning

When performing the vulnerability scanning on the infrastructure side of security, there are two types of audits that we like to perform.

Internal Audits

Comprises of us taking a full inventory of every piece of ICT related equipment and running a vulnerability scan against your network. This will expose the potential issues and allow us to rectify them. In order for us to deliver the best possible results, we conduct both an authenticated as well as an unauthenticated scan.

These audits should be run on a regular basis as new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered on a daily basis.

External Audits

Comprises of us running a vulnerability scan from outside your network. This can include your public IP address, WiFi access, your website or any web services that are accessible from outside.

After the audit, we will deliver a detailed report stating all the vulnerabilities we have discovered as well as suggestions on how to rectify these issues. We can further assist you during the rectification stage if required.

Hardware and software can only protect you up till a certain point, which is why we choose to rather educate you on how to protect yourself as well as your company.


As a company, you will need to conform to numerous requirements to become compliant with the POPI act. Teqcle will advise and assist you to get your company through this process.

Prevention is better that cure

Although it might seem to cost a bit more to keep your company’s security up-to-date, it can certainly save you a lot of money in the long run. Once an audit has been completed and the findings resolved, it is time to implement preventative measures. Ensuring that proper anti-virus measures are in place and maintained is imperative, along with a proper firewall to separate your internal network from the Internet.

Teqcle has been utilising the Eset anti-virus software since our inception in 2006, and have been very successful with it. We have found that it has the lowest software footprint (uses the least computer resources) for an exceptional level of security.

For the firewall, we like to insert a Linux server between your internal network and the Internet. On this, we run standard IPTables configured using our expertise  with this software. This allows us to define intricate rules pertaining to your network access.

This server is not simply a firewall as we like to include a lot of our other offerings on this same machine. These include our backup and our file sharing solutions. In this configuration, we also deploy Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) mechanisms. As part on our maintenance service, the logs from this machine get monitored and security configurations adjusted as required.

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