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Teqcle's Backup Solution

Teqcle employs an open source application named BackupPC as a backup solution. This allows us to automatically backup Windows, MacOS and Linux computers on a daily basis. BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system that is highly configurable, easy to install and simple to maintain. Using this solution, Teqcle can ensure that your data as well as your bank balance will be protected. See BackupPC for more information.

Backing Up

With this backup solution, every computer is backed up daily, as long as it is connected to the network. BackupPC uses rsync to create these backups, so only data that has changed since the last backup is backed up. This saves both time and space. BackupPC employs a smart storage methodology, which shares common files between computers, saving more space on the backup device. The data on the storage device is then compressed to further reduce space requirements.

BackupPC also provides a file versioning system that allows us to restore different versions of a file. This is very useful when a person, working on a file, inadvertently breaks it. A quick restore allows the client to select between previous versions, and the problem disappears.


But backups alone do not solve the problem of keeping your data safe. One has to think of the unthinkable like fire, flood or any number of possible disastrous events that can destroy all of your data and leave you with nothing. Some disasters are hard to imagine until they hit you, ransom-ware being one of those. We can replace hardware, but not data.

To mitigate this situation, it is essential to store a copy of your data at a geographically disparate facility. This copy must be easily accessible in the event of a disaster. This is where archiving comes into play. Teqcle will make an archive of your backups on a weekly basis, and will remove that archive to our premises. This provides an off-site set of data that is not more than one week old.

We have all heard stories of backups, and when a person tries to restore it, the tape is broken. No backup! We add a step to our archiving offering by copying the data from the collected archive onto a our storage. In this way, we test the integrity of the backed up files, as well as adding an extra layer of protection by having the data now residing in three places. We take backups VERY seriously and have averted various tragedies due to our stringent controls.

We have been managing and monitoring backups for our clients since the inception of our company in 2006. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.