Our team of management consultants will advise you on how best to utilise technology to improve all aspects of your business.


The best tool for the job does not always exist. We employ some of the best developers in the world to help you build your own systems or adapt others to your needs.


We have partnered with leading hardware providers to assist our customers in the procurement and maintenance of their on-site equipment.


Our state of the art redundant cloud platform allows us to deploy online products as a service to our customers who prefer to host their systems in the cloud.


An organisational body is only as strong as its weakest limb. With the rapid change in the wide field of information technology, it can very easily become a tremendous challenge for any business to function efficiently without the assistance of an expert in the field. Our partners depend on Teqcle not only to maintain their IT infrastructure, but to also keep abreast of new developments that will allow for more cost-effective deployment of IT resources.

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