From the DSpace home page:

DSpace is the software of choice for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations building open digital repositories. It is free and easy to install “out of the box” and completely customizable to fit the needs of any organization.

DSpace preserves and enables easy and open access to all types of digital content including text, images, moving images, mpegs and data sets. And with an ever-growing community of developers, committed to continuously expanding and improving the software, each DSpace installation benefits from the next.


From the SAKAI Homepage:

Sakai is a an open source learning management, communications and collaboration platform and is part of the Apereo Foundation. Sakai is 100% open.

Technically, Sakai is a Java-based, service-oriented web application that provides a variety of capabilities supporting teaching and learning, portfolios, research, and ad-hoc project collaboration. Sakai is typically deployed using Apache Tomcat as its servlet container and scalability is achieved by running multiple instances of Tomcat in a clustered environment, each deploying a copy of Sakai. It integrates with a variety of external authentication services including CAS, Kerberos, LDAP, Shibboleth and WebAuth. A single database, usually MySQL or Oracle, provides a transactional store of information while file storage is typically delegated to NAS or SAN solutions. In most production settings, Sakai relies on a back-end student information system (SIS) to provide it with student and course information, which Sakai consults via provider APIs.

Putting it all together

This is where Teqcle joins the party and puts to good use it’s advanced knowledge of Linux, Hosting, Security and Development. We can offer a full system solution to making either of the above Open Source System your own.

From defining and procuring the hosting platform we will install the operating system, install the software, secure the system, create and host any domain name services required and get the basic site up and running. Once this is in place, we really get going:

Firstly, we look at security. We lock the server down to a very tight access tolerance. Then we install our backup system. Our backups are run from a central server that is in a different data center to where your server resides, so off-site. The backups happen daily and include a dump of whichever database is used, MySQL or POSTGRES. These are automated and include a daily or weekly report that can be emailed to you. Teqcle will monitor these backups as well.

We configure your server on a monitoring system which allows us to monitor both availability and system resource. We ensure that your system is running to the best of the resources available to it. This includes tweaking the database configuration as well as the JVM and HTTP parameters to attain this goal.

Once we are happy with the operation of the software and the server, we now start the customisation


Customisation comes in two flavours. Firstly, there is a look-and-feel customisation, which is simply a skin change, or skinning as we know it. This offers you, the customer, a mechanism to make the software your own in terms of what it looks like and how it displays, but keeps the source code intact. This has the benefit of allowing one to update the software without having to update the source code.

However, this does not always cater for your specific needs, so we have the ability to move to the second level of customisation, and change the source code. On this level we are able to customise functionality of the system as opposed to just the look and feel.

Customisations we have performed include:

  •  (to be continued)
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